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  • Bar Strength

    • 8:30 AM Tuesday & 6:30 PM Monday
      8:30 PM Friday
      An amazing fitness class that uses barbells from 3 lbs. To 91 lbs. to build muscle and burn fat. And since barbells recruit more muscles than machines do, they make for a challenging yet very effective workout.
  • Barre Design

    • 8:30 AM Tuesday & Thursday
      Applying pilates, strength training and ballet barre exercises, the Barre Design class focuses on lengthening muscles, as well as strengthening and toning them at the same time. Use various pieces of equipment as you push past your comfort zone to test your limits of balance, coordination and endurance in order to build lean muscle mass.
  • Boot Camp

    • 6:15 AM Tuesday & Thursday
      Boot Camp is a strenuous mix of various agility, balance, stability, posture, strength and plyometric drills. Our exercises are great for losing fat, losing weight, endurance, and fitness. They also improve other areas including, balance, stability, flexibility, agility, and posture.
  • CoreFunkSoul

    • 10:30 AM Monday & 9:30 AM Thursday
      A dynamic stretching class with a focus on core strength, balance and flexibility. By helping your joints move through their full range of motion, stretching can improve your athletic performance as well as decrease your risk of activity-based injuries.
  • Core Strength

    • 4:30 PM Monday, Friday
      A core focused class that promises to define, condition, and strengthen your muscles. Strong abdominal muscles makes for a stronger back and a more powerful overall physique. All fitness levels welcome.
  • Diesel

    • 4:30 PM Wednesday
      This is a dynamically designed total body workout that combines weight bearing exercises with cardio intervals and athletic drills. This class engages every muscle group, a real calorie burner that will boost your metabolism.
  • Full Blast*

    • 12:15 PM Friday
      Andrew’s personal workout routine (90 minutes $5). A total body workout you can only get from working out with Andrew! This is next level fitness. Athletes welcome.
      * 90 Minutes/ $5
  • Hard Core

    • 5:30 PM Tuesday
      6:30 PM Thursday
      Increase your muscular strength and endurance with weights and explosive moves. Working outside your comfort zone this class safely pushes you to your limit burning more calories than cardio alone.
  • Spinning

    • 6 AM & 10 AM Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
      5:30 PM Monday & Wednesday 6:30 PM Wednesday
      Our spin classes and instructors have been named some of the best in Georgia! They will guide you through various workout phases: warm-up, steady uptempo cadences, sprints, climbs, cool-downs, etc. Experience a class for yourself.
  • Step

    • 8:30 AM Sunday
      Step is a cardio workout that utilizes an adjustable, elevated horizontal platform, while stepping to a choreographed dance. Our instructors offer various options for different levels of intensity/dance ability while teaching the routines. Step aerobics helps burn calories.
  • Top Gear

    • 8:30 AM Saturday
      A challenging 90 minute class combining spin (45 - 60 minutes) and cardio/weight circuit training. This class is focused impacting every muscle group. You will remember it in the morning!
  • Tread Force

    • 9:30 AM Monday, Friday
      Tread Force is a blend of exercises on and off the treadmill designed to increase your strength as a runner and to burn calories. Be prepared to challenge yourself with interval running drills, power moves as well as endurance runs. TreadForce has been created to positively impact every level of runner!
  • Triple Threat

    • 8:30 AM Wednesday
      1.5 hours of intense cardio, weight and interval training, an extreme workout only for the strong at heart.
  • TRX

    • By Appointment Only
      TRX uses suspension to take basic strength training moves to a whole new level. As you pit your own body weight against gravity to build tone and strengthen muscles, you will challenge your balance and increase your own core strength.
  • Ultimate Conditioning

    • 10:15 AM Thursday
      A high energy fun yet intense class with a focus on functional exercises to improve muscular endurance, overall strength, coordination, balance, posture and agility.
  • Yoga

    • 8:30 AM Monday, Wednesday, Friday
      9:30 AM Sunday
      Based on an ancient form of movement that promotes the benefits of ancient stretching, deep breathing, and relaxation techniques. Our Yoga instructors will help you relieve stress, improve flexibility, and enhance relaxation.
  • Zumba

    • 10:30 AM Saturday
      The exercises include music with fast and slow rhythms, as well as resistance training.The music comes dance styles such salsa, merengue, mambo, flamenco, reggae, samba, hip hop music, tango and more.

Child Care Hours

Monday — Saturday:
8:30 AM — 12 PM